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It has been 100 years since House Thrune, together with Asmodeus, cast down Aroden and took her rightful place as absolute ruler of Cheliax. 100 years since Westcrown was the capital of Cheliax. 100 years since the grand Arodennama statue in Westcrown’s great park cracked asunder and lost its divine luster.

While House Thrune rules Cheliax from her mighty citadel, she allows her loyal vassals to manage the year-to-year affairs of the old city. House Arvanxi is most loyal to Thrune and therefore currently has the right to administer Westcrown through her patron, Grand Count Aberian Arvanxi, the Lord Mayor.

Four other Noble Houses in Westcrown have also shown great loyalty to Thrune, and have therefore been rewarded with additional management responsibilities over the old city. Should Arvanxi show any disloyalty, one of these shall be ready to wear the mantle of responsibility for Westcrown: (alphabetically)
House Drovenge ; House Oberigo ; House Phandros ; House Salisfer.

Harbormaster: Casarus Vitallain

High Priest of Asmodeus: Vestus Savaska

Dottari (Westcrown’s Wardens)



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