The Council of Thieves

100 years ago, as Glorious House Thrune through its wisdom, purity and manifest destiny, ascended to power by casting down Aroden with her alliance with Asmodeus and The Nine Hells, She simultaneously dealt a crippling blow to Cheliax’s notorious mafia, The Council of Thieves.

In the decades since, the surviving remnants of rogues, vagabonds, rakes and ruffians of The Council of Thieves have fallen under the sway of various disloyal nobles of various minor Houses.

Today, The Council of Thieves is much more a Secret Society of a handful of Chelaxian nobles unsatisfied with their position in the feudal position under House Thrune and, disloyally — and privately — work against the goals of their Houses and potentially, even blasphemously against Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail Thrune.

They organize and direct various thieves, rogues, rakes, vagabonds and ruffians as stooges, plotting from the shadows and pushing their agendas through gambits, both subtle and gross.

The Council of Thieves

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