Parego Spera

The peninsula is the Parego Spera. This is contemporary Westcrown where 95% of the population live, work and worship Asmodeus and House Thrune.
The Arodennama is here.

Vizio’s Tavern: Janiven Key (barmaid)

Nightshade Theater: newly rebuilt theater where Robahl Nonan’s upcoming production of The Trials of Larazod will be performed

The LimeHouse: small, private theater (and residence) of great opera director/producer, Robahl Nonan.

The Devildrome: gladiatorial arena

Stained-Glass fabricator: Amaya (1/2-Chelaxian beauty, her Tian parents are expert glass-blowers)

Westcrown Jeweler: Tarvi (attractive daughter of the jeweler)

Westcrown Tinkerer: Rolan (fastidiously clean Dwarf)

Parego Spera

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