Lady Felina Imvius

Like most scions in House Imvius, Lady Felina is a strong supporter of the greater House Drovenge. Also like most in House Imvius, she is beginning to show a real political talent for ruthlessness and ambition. The past year-and-a-half of activity from the House have really shown this.

Her private affairs are understandably relatively unknown as she is still a bit shy (perhaps a month?) of leaving her teenage years. But this is what you believe you know:

A year-and-a-half ago, aged 18ish, Lady Felina began spending more and more time deep in study and sanctuary in Westcrown’s Temple to Asmodeus — under the tutelage of, among others, High Priest Vestus Savaska. It is unknown from which ArchDevil or Prince of Hell she has been receiving Divine powers, perhaps Asmodeus (like Vestus Savaska), perhaps another such as Mephistopheles, Lilith, or Baalzebub.
…. Learning the details of her Infernal devotions could be valuable.

In the past four months, Lady Felina has perhaps started a secret affair, or maybe just begun her first love interest, with an as-yet-unknown Lord — likely in House Drovenge (but perhaps another House, such as Lorialn or Xerysis). Considering House Imvius’ position under House Drovenge, this is likely an accepted love affair, although it could be against her House Patriarch’s plans.
….Learning of which Noble she is having this secret relationship would be very valuable information.

Eight nights ago Lady Felina had a private audience with Lord Mayor Aberian Arvanxi, over one hour in duration — unusual for a young scion
from a non-associated House and the patriarch of a powerful House.
….Learning the details of this meeting could be critical information.

A rumor that seems to have been completely debunked four days ago — and very likely maliciously started by a rival — is that Lady Felina has been participating in illegal blood-sacrifices (illegal because neither her House nor The Church have sanctioned them.)
….Learning either the origin of the malicious rumor — or perhaps the facts of what she has been doing (even if not specifically illegal blood sacrificing), could be valuable information.

Lady Felina Imvius

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